Only another photo in the wedding day


Just to finish the day. Even after the end of the party, the wedding photographer still challenges the couple to one more group of photos, which must be done. Challenge accepted, how do you want us. Like that. The party is over, they are waiting for some rest and nothing better than showing that. It is wedding photography but after, although, still here. Confused? Well…

If there is anything any photographer has it is that will to be always looking through a luminous rectangle and cut in pieces everything he direct to the eyes. That vision come with an insatiable appetite, sometimes, maybe, annoying to those he wants to copy and write with light. But it was not. António and Filipa, without the need of great moving around and with joy, offered themselves to my lens, always thirsty because they are worse than me, and, just because it is true, on here two of them.

Making portrait never tires me. Maybe, sometimes, those I am photographing, or better, because of my restlessness I am always afraid to overtake the time and energy in those in the front of my cameras. I think it was never happened, maybe by kindness or because the joy was the same. It is true that, sometimes, I take advantage and I find, always, an undone portrait that must be fulfilled. Maybe that is the wedding photographer’s personality and it is too late to change.

Just two of many photos, after the wedding, before to go at Palácio Estoril Hotel in Estoril, Cascais.

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