Only three photos, to a wedding day at Quinta da Ramila


Coming to that small talk, between wedding photographers, about how many photos are needed, to tell the story of the wedding day, I made myself to choose only three photos, from the bride side, to remind me that day. To me, the wedding photographer there, in the wedding. Because I am not someone used to racionalize everything about what I found in the front of my eyes, I look, I see and I pick up. So, I did it.

One mirror with the bride beautiful braid. Her shoes. The cerimonial ones and the party ones. The bride dressed with the bride dress. Of course, by itself, they do not tell the story of the day to anyone who was not there, because the wedding photographer is the only person that walked through the all process until the party is over, or almost.  Those photos are, only, for my pleasure. They are the most beautiful of the day? No. They are the most important? No. They have some intrinsic form of art? I do not think so. So, Why?

Simple, in the today first look, I liked them. Maybe because they represent the several steps of my way, during the wedding day cover. How many times I photographed brides being hair dressed, I photographed their shoes, their dress and the dress already dressed transforming them in brides, for everybody, in the way they move. They make me remember that no matter I photograph moments like this, I, always, bring with me different things. Because they have no braids, because the mirror is ronde, because the shoes where in a different place and the door, in other part of another house, forced me to a different angle for the point of view. Maybe. But the important thing I must remember to myself, looking at this photos, is that they are uniques. Impossible to remake elsewhere.

Braid hair of the bride in mirror held by hands, in the get ready for the wedding.
Shoes of the bride, ceremony and party, near a bunch of flowers.
Bride almost ready with the dress, viewed from outside the room, ready for the wedding ceremony.

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