Other photos by the photographer, at the wedding


A wedding photographer writing a post, where he advertises his work, and do not say that he is fantastic doing it, that nobody in the world is better than he is, that if you do not contract him you will regret it for the rest of your life or does not have so much sense if he does not do it or, at the same time, he has a very big problem with the ego, and some illusion, if he does it.

I do not like to qualify my work. I always felt that it is something that only belongs to the eyes of those who will see it. I may use the most qualifying words, even if I had the ability to use them, and, maybe, the only thing I was able to do would create an illusion not corroborated by the eyes of those looking for…a wedding photographer. Sometimes, when we do what we do, we can, very easily, create an illusion about our own work. I always ran away from it, very fast.

It is about these photos. They do not have faces, they do not have people with faces, they do not have places with people with faces, satisfied faces, circumspect faces, celebrating faces, hopefully, faces, or, who knows, jealous faces.  This wedding photographer in a wedding because the faces, do not feel so comfortable when does not find them when he needs to point his lenses. Of course, he does it, because, like the faces, they need to be found and photographed with all the knowledge and with the best approach he can do. But, when done, the wedding photographer comes back as fast as he can to the smiling faces, emotionalized faces…It is like that and it is too late to change.

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