Other things of the wedding


Usually, it is not a problem for me to write about any photo I have done during my work. They tell me I have easy writing but some issues are difficult my finding the words and the organization of the phrases. Probably because, even if we do not wish it, there are some issues that are easier for women than for men and, even if they like it, they are not so capable to describe it properly.

That is about floral arrangements, the flowers of the bride, that hair paraphernalia and some others that as wedding photographer he is not very well specialized. So, maybe, because he can not write properly about he, instead, prefer to write about his lack of understanding.

It is not because he is a bad person, it is just a real lack of knowledge, or feeling, about and, I am sure he will be excused for that gap. But he can photograph all those things for future memory, and not badly done, but he does not really understand the essence of the…thing that made the brides and the others present so vividly satisfied. But, the satisfaction I understand and that is enough to the commitment of the wedding photographer in me. So yes, I can photograph that…things, too, with great pleasure.

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