Others spaces to the photographer in a wedding


Getting advantage of the spaces available in the place of the wedding venue is an option that we can not let go of. But, of course, that place is not for our only and complete use. The wedding photographer must respect all those wandering within their own lives and they, if do not belong to the event, are not willing to change their way or let being used by the thirsty lens.

When in the so-called Quintas (dedicated wedding venues), the natural place to photograph the couple session is in the surrounding exterior, in the hotels, or in other inner spaces, we must take advantage, in some places an obligation such is the quality of the spots, of the long walking passages, the reception hall or one of the other inside service rooms which can be fantastic friends of the wedding photographer and, consequently, of the photos.

I like very much those indoor spaces, but because I think, in my imaginative fantasy, that I am an American movie director who closes all entries, stops everybody moving around, which paid to be there, that could make me lose concentration. I am just wondering, I do not do that. But, because I have my cordial side, almost everybody is kind enough to let me finish the composition and end my “take” before moving to their own destiny and the wedding photographer say thanks.

Bride leaning against the wall in the corridor of Palácio Estoril Hotel for photos.
Bride seated at the Estoril Hotel Palace with the groom behind, seated.
Groom with bride, in the front blurred, in Estoril Hotel Palace for the photo session.
Couple under the lamp in Palácio Estoril Hotel during the wedding.
Bride leaning against the groom in photo session in the bar at Palácio Estoril Hotel.
Couple between lamps and tables in the Palácio Estoril Hotel in the wedding session.
Couple seated at the table for the wedding photo session in Palácio Estoril Hotel.
Couple embraced at the wedding photo session in the hotel hall.
Bride in profile, leaning, with unfocused groom, ahead, in the wedding session.
Bride against a wall between two photo frames, in the wedding session.

Small photo selection from a wedding in Hotel Palácio no Estoril.

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