Others who photograph, at the wedding, as the photographer’s attention


Since photography was born, the fastness it gets to the eyes, always has been of great interest from those who practice it and those who see it. Sometimes, the brand of the inventor replaces the real name of the product or the action. Even today we find countries that call Xerox a photocopy, the Kodak moment is very well known by photography lovers and Polaroid instantaneous was only beaten by recent digital photography. Even here, the photographic camera begins to be timidly embarrassed by the smartphone which, besides used to phone, it is, today, the elected camera.

That is why, the wedding photographer all the time is confronted with attentive faces to smartphones look how good it is let me repeat one more how funny it is do you want to see it, and the wedding photographer around all that, with nothing to show…yet. Maybe he could be feeling out of place, showing some depression, and lose the drive to cover the wedding day, to which he was called there.

But, it is not like that. To him, that has the function to photograph the wedding, everything is a subject, everything has an appeal and everything is part of the story of the day. If the wedding photographer is a moment searcher, to archive inside his camera, so the reaction of the people being photographed and, with the fastness of a lightening, looking to themselves inside a smartphone, it can not be better to appeal the attention of his cameras that only will show them later. Nothing is left out.

Bride maids looking a photo in the smartphone after the wedding ceremony, in Nazaré.

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