Party, in the wedding party


Or the choir girls. As a wedding photographer I, always, try to frame the photos with the elements of the day and that photos show us the places and make us to understand what was to happen, in that moment. Nothing better then a Rock-a-billy band with his melodic tunes from the 50s, of the last century, when rock’ n roll start the first steps, with singers that are a mix of the last generation crooners from the big jazz bands brightening the shining hotel halls of the post war America and the newcomer rebels, where the desire of to be happy brought the most beautiful ballads that inspire to dance a youth starting to be free of wishes and ideas.

I must say that Stefanie and Luís had chose well. Band full filled, enjoyed and did the show. That is why I think this photo looks like it was taken in one of the halls where the band and her choir girls made rock around as those ones do, in this wedding.

Not always the bride and groom are the stars of the photos of their wedding day. That is why I, as a wedding photographer, love very much to be there. I always try to find someone or some group, which call the attention of my lens, to grab and take to other dimension,  that moment, but from another perspective, not the one of the photographed. And that make me, always, back.

Uma festa de casamento na Quinta da Serra em Sintra

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