Party time at the wedding


It was a party. It is a party. Party will be. This is one thing that the wedding photographer knows that will make him count the time between wedding parties he already did, the ones that will come next, and those that are intended but not yet decided by the future clients.

Party time is part of the time of any wedding. A bit shy in some, effusive another. It is that part of the celebration where everybody, with this couple, shows them that are with them with heart, soul and….sweat.

It is, also, less predictable for the wedding photographer. The same way it is not possible, to the bird photographer, to predict the curl of the flock of starlings flying over the fields outside the town, the wedding one must be fast as he can to follow the waves and tides from those on a festive day indulges in sharing joy and some folly.  In the case of this servant of the profession, I enter inside the tide, with my dancing cameras, and as if I was in a dense cornfield or in a dense amazon forest searching the most wonderful birds, finding all that pieces of joy and happiness in those dances, games, and challenges. You do not imagine how good it is…

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