Bride talking with a little boy in the wedding party at Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Wellness .

Peeking for moments by the photographer in a wedding


Bride talking with a little boy in the wedding party at Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Wellness .

Because I read too much in English, sometimes, I can not find those words in Portuguese that the English people have, when they speak their language, which is perfect for the idea. I go to the dictionary and what I find does help with what I need to say. I talk about highlights. In the Portuguese translation, I find mechas (streaks), luzes altas ( high lights, not highlights), and also, realçar ( to enhance), enfatizar ( bring to the front), salientar (to point out), etc.

It is nothing I would like to use because I want to write about fast moments that show things that happen in an event in a very short space of time, repeatedly. Yes, the Portuguese language is not very synthetic. But you did understand, did you not?

After the taste buds fulfilled the purpose that brought them here, their carriers like to entertain themselves by talking, playing with everything that seems appropriate, and crossing affections that is one thing we find a lot in weddings or telling real stories or more or less imaginative.  Whoever tells a tale, always adds a point.

That is the time when the wedding photographer with his cameras in their hands walks through tables and chairs as if he was thin a magical wood finding subjects, that is what the photographers call what they photograph, that, after, they display, with some vanity, to prove their ability. I must recognize that I can not resist. Well…

Little boy in mother's lap playing with a necklace, in the wedding party.
Parents of the groom talking with a wedding guest.
Bride with guests walking at Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Wellness at the wedding.
Table with guests, seated, almost at the end of the wedding party.
Woman guest, seated, looking to the smartphone at the wedding table.

Wedding party photos at Palácio Estoril Hotel no Estoril, Cascais.

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