Peeking photos in the wedding day


I already wrote here that I am not the only photographer in the wedding day. Those events always had some second line photographers competing, in some ways, with the contracted one. I do not like very much the competing concept and I do prefer complementing. Of course the oficial one believe to have all the priority in the moving for better point of view and that, sometimes, colide with the impulse of the amateur, the one that love very much, that cut him the way, without mercy, to the better place to memorize that very special moment, before peeked in the corner of the eye.

Because I am not a vindictive kind of person, sentiment very powerful in a day designed to be festive and with good wishes, I find myself profiting, as a gracious parasite, some moments that other photographers are delightedly enjoying. The smartphones are, to me, like cakes to sweet-toothed. Every time I see them in action, here I go.

It is almost a concept to deepen in expertise magazine. Photographing the photographing act with a photo already photographed. Awesome. I only need that text and the magazine. But in photography, the photo is only what matter and we do not need that text. Do not pay attention …it is just a wedding photographer thing that loves photographies.

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