Photograph me, mr. photographer, when we get ready for the wedding


One of the things that give me great satisfaction, when I arrive at the bride and groom’s house to get ready, is to find a house full of people. I know that I will make a crop in a vineyard in the vintage year to the best flavorous wine. Nobody waits for the wedding photographer. Well, there is always someone with a special talent to challenge curious lenses. See, below, what I mean…

I told, here, that photographing kids is complicated. But, once in a while, the wedding photographer finds who, in some sort of embarrassing approach, challenge my cameras all the time wishing to transform themselves into photos. The problem is that there is a world needing the attention of the photographer that is heartbroken every time he noticed the frustration in the face of these models, wishing, hopelessly, to cross the lens and hide in the interior of my cameras.

But, in the end, the wedding photographer decided well. They are all of them there. Those that were preparing themselves to go to the wedding, and those that, even if they never used a word to ask for a photo, constantly was defying my lens that, here and there, made them happy. That makes me, also, very happy and I smile to myself when I find some of those photos. I told you before, this wedding photographer is a vain one. Yes, he is…

Girl naturally posing for a photo.
Little girl, in the bride get ready, looking back.
Girl among other children, unfocused, during the preparation of the bride.
Little girl between a baby girl and a boy, during the bride's preparation.
Bride, in the middle of the family, being hair dressed for the wedding.
Grand mother taking care of the grand daughter's hair for the wedding.
Grandmother gently hair dress her granddaughter for her parents' wedding.

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