Photographer always around the portrait at the bride and groom session, in the wedding


Following the theme of the last post, more portraits. But now, more melted with the surroundings. Taking advantage of what my lens does with the background, or with the foreground when is there, and show a more integrated reading of the portrait.

I like this very much this way to photograph because it can show to our eyes an intensity when reading the persons we chose to photograph. On the other hand, I really like the word portrait. More than a photographer I like to consider myself a portraitist. If I was a painter or a sculptor, that would be my favorite subject, too. The world of wedding photography gives me the opportunity to constantly relive the emotion that is having someone, in front of me, and try to take advantage of the best I can see at the moment.

Here I am, again, valuing a part of my task of the day. But, I never get tired to say, this is my part of the day. That is why I become a wedding photographer and, in the other parts, I feel that I am always using my side of a portraitist to the other photos I am finding and achieving. I may say that this is, for sure, my center of gravity when wedding photographer.

Bride leaning on a wall, on the battlements of the castle of Alandroal.

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