Photographer between the lights at the end of the wedding party


During the years as wedding photographer, some fashions have gone and others coming, giving color, movement or, also, different forms of the people having fun. In the last years some lights, that come from fire in top of some sticks in the corridors with hoorays to the wedding couple until the table of the wedding cake, showed up. Because I am a restless photographer always finding the places for the best points of view, it can bring, sometimes, some dangers with it.

Because of that, I learned how to take advantage and, at the same time, being careful about the last walk of the wedding couple, among their guests, to offer them the last gift of the day. Having cameras that allow me to catch my photos just with the light of those fire lights, helps me to fully enjoy this beautiful visual show.

So, I have been delivering sets of photos that only in my imagination could have been, some years ago. They show party, the warmth of friendship, the joy of the end of the day, that was as wished, and after that, usually, also the wedding photographer prepares himself to leave the place with certainty of having done his job. Until the next one.



Walking to the cut of the cake in Quinta do Castro in Pragança near Cadaval.

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