The bride and groom's daughter with a large Mickey Mouse on her lap, heads to the wedding ceremony table, in front of her mother and grandparents, by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Portugal.

Photographer, clouds, and weddings


The bride and groom's daughter with a large Mickey Mouse on her lap, heads to the wedding ceremony table, in front of her mother and grandparents, by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Portugal.

   The light we like or the day when the clouds decided to make fun of the wedding photographer. When I arrived, as scheduled, at Adega de Colares, that late morning, everything was as I like when I go to photograph on the slopes of the Serra de Sintra. Cloudy sky without wishes of rain, that cloudy sky with very clean light, that I find a lot over there frequently and the perfect place to take advantage of the environment with an atmosphere only catchable around there. Of course, I, immediately, started to imagine the outcome, those photos full of mid-tones, soft contrast letting me read everything in between with that gradations perfect for the black and white photography, and for me. Meanwhile, I went to Elisabete and Pedro while they were getting dressed for the big occasion and I lost the notion of what the sun, the clouds, and the wind were plotting behind my back.  

   What I did not knew is that, for some reason, one of the clouds, that saw me so happy with what I was expecting for my work in there, decided to mess with me and, who knows why, convinced the wind to push her and her friends and when I returned, to prepare myself for the ceremonial of the yes starting to begin, the sun, that everything can and allows including photographing, was shining and hard, generating some things that the wedding photographer not always likes, specially in the wedding ceremony: very dark shadows, whites so high that can easily burn, closed eyes and those faces, my main subject with those emotions so friendly of my lens, a little contorted by the discomfort, because all of them, the faces, that love it in the beach, do not make very good figure when seated in the front of the ceremonial table, where the yes is expected any moment, and lead the wedding photographer to be very attentive to the more comfortable intervals and never come to say, at the end, that the fault of the bad work was because the sun and…the lack of clouds.

  However, as always, the work was done with the experience of these playing around of those stains that fly over the ceremonials of the weddings in summer days, already trained the wedding photographer not to get caught in false and lose his drive. On the contrary. More the difficulty better the challenge. A certain angle in the framing, less from the front and more from the side, wait, wait…now and some other little tricks make sure that the ceremony of the yes was picked up, to be remembered later. It is true that the photographer would like that those things he knows that help him, to do his work more as he likes, where there, every time he goes to do his commitment. But nature is not at his service and, he just can use his own tricks and methods in order to fulfill his commitments, as has always been the case. But, wait… since the ceremony was over, and all the congratulations were kissed and hugged, my dear cloud must get ordered to his companions, coming from behind to faster the fly and the light, suddenly, was like the wedding photographer wished since the beginning. So…..

The bride, between her parents and hand in hand with her young daughter, walks among the guests, towards the table of the wedding ceremony at the Adega Regional de Colares.
The groom, with his back turned, receives the bride, along with her father, at the wedding ceremony table at the Adega Regional de Colares.
The bride and groom with the conservative officiant of the wedding ceremony, sitting at the table under a pergola in the Adega Regional de Colares.
The space for the wedding ceremony with all those present at the Adega Regional de Colares, with the trees around it.

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