Photographer draining away through the streets of Lisbon, after the wedding


Walking around it. It is the always beautiful and photographable downtown of Lisbon. So much is incredible in photos studied before, how usually do it the fashion productions, or by those that walk in the streets with attentive eyes and photographer patience waiting for a fulfilled space inside the rectangle of the viewfinder, exactly how they imagined before, as if those people, without knowing it, where parts of a choreography very well prepared.

But, I already wrote here as a wedding photographer, I have not that patience needed for those wait…wait….wait…now. But because the enjoyment is the same, I developed peeking eyes, going on and fast feet and, as to how they say in Alentejo, let´s go walking and see what happens. It is not really random but, sometimes, it seems. The walking couple and nosey photographer. To complete, only the scenario.

It is not the first time that I am walking around here with couples that chose me to their wedding. I know they never regret it and Lisbon never let me down. Since the texture to the light and those fast walkers that I use to complete my scenario and, at the end of the afternoon, they make me remember the water after the rain that, with no effort, flow by those streets to reach, happy, the river Tagus. Being a wedding photographer gives me that thoughts. Even feeling, myself, water.

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