Photographer in a full house, at weddings


When I arrive at the place where the bride is in a transformation process, that will make her, really, like a bride and I find it already full of people, I know that the mood is in the air and I will not rest a second, with all that photos happening in the front of my lenses. That transform me, immediately, into the wedding photographer, instead of as only one more in the room, with bustle and emotions already emerging. But, as you understand, it is, exactly, the main reason why I run over there. I wrote a lot about that, here.

What is the difference between a room full of people and one more empty, sometimes no more than a bride, and those that take care of her in her hair and make-up? Well, I will have a bride more restless with so much appeal to what is being said, sometimes with humor, memories with friends, remember when…? Look who just arrived, give me a kiss before the makeup because after that is not possible and let’s be hurry because the priest does not tolerate delays. Do you, now, understand why this is the best for the wedding photographer when photographing one?

And there is a thing that the wedding photographer needs so much for a photo already there, at a glimpse from him, that will not wait and when happens, will be his home. The frame, as I like to call it. Take advantage of those that surround the bride and transform them into frames, wrapping the main character and flourishing my main subjects into beautiful achieved photos. Can you see why I am always in hurry to go to a new wedding full of people? Of course.

A friend of the bride hugs her when she arrives at her house.
The bride in a mirror while seeing the make-up result.
Make-up of the bride with her image reflected in a mirror.
Laughing bride with curlers in her hair with double image in a mirror.
Bride in the mirror being combed surrounded by friends who look at her.
With make-up and hair ready, the bride smiles happily.

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