Photographer on the loose during a wedding party


Always the portrait, even if it was not been asked for. Although I already wrote here that I do not have any inclination to photograph animals, I admire their photographers very much. They are expert portraitists with a characteristic that I envy, the good envy, and I try to imitate them, once in a while, as a wedding photographer. Patience.

So, sometimes I pick up my tele lens in one camera and, with the patience of those who know that waiting pays off, far away, I choose one or two characters walking the event and, sooner or later, I know that they will offer me that gesture, that moving or reacting to someone attention. I do not know about the other wedding photographers, but, that part, it is only me, my cameras and my subjects. I completely forget the wedding itself.

It is as if my commitment with the couple was off for some time and I deliver myself to something that only belongs to me. It is like meditation. Me, my cameras, and some moving walkers offer me those things I like so much. My own universe and nothing more. In those moments I am just a photographer. The wedding one will come in moments. It is a wonder.

Groom, alone, paying attention to his guests, outside the photo.
Bride seated in a chair in the wedding photo session.
Bride and groom posing for a photo in the wedding session.
Wedding couple, hand in hand, in a photo session on their wedding day.
The bride and groom, facing each other, at a wedding photography session.

You can see more wedding examples and become with a more complete idea of my work.

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