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After some time doing wedding photography this humble maker may start to pay the risk of repetition and find his own print blocks to make the job more easy. This is a risk that in time may be the reason of the end of the artist.  How many times a painter spend is time life finding a personalization of his works and once achieved only remains a repetition for ever.

I know I am not in a position compared with the best of the trade.  I know my limitations but I know, also, my resilience and the enjoyment with what I do. This enjoyment instead of bewitch me and put me in a gladness with my work I feel myself in a constant dissatisfaction.  This period without shutter noise is good to, with some serenity, return to the work done and instead enjoy me with the nice done, it is good to find what was different and not noticed when the editing time. Some  distance will bring to us some different point of view about the photos already done.  I noticed that I used more my 50mm lens more than what was usual with me. That changed the notion of space, dimensionality and, some times, motion.

I am not an example to anybody, neither to me in most of the time, but if I try to execute my wedding photography work as if I never done it before and just a photo viewer, this, maybe, give me the necessary distance to some refreshment and discontentment  that make me more  aware and better serve the clients that contract me. That is what move me as a wedding photographer and as someone that have this shared pleasure with tones of people around the world, photography.

This is not a text about love and happiness, about the lovely the bride and groom were but it is, for sure, about the duty of respect for the subjects of this wedding photography job. Without the usual best of I just leave this photo. Gladly.


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