Photographer with mirrors, in a wedding


A happy photo or some sort of games of the wedding photographer. Already in some previous posts, I wrote about my attraction about mirrors wherever, but, specially, in the places where de bride and groom are getting ready. These photo, and the others from the same moments, was because the mirror and the right place where it was, even if it did not look like it in the first.

This is about the way how every lens, used by the wedding photographers, can change , and a lot, how a photo can be captured. After experimented, with a great frustration, two of my lens which seem to be perfect, for the catch of the photos I saw trough the mirror, with no possible way to do it, I was ready to give up, of my beloved mirror. I changed to another one that, at first, it was not fitted for the job. For my amazement, there she was, the bride, being combed, in the middle of the mirror, the place imagined by me, in the beginning. After some sort of race to the kitchen and steal a wooden bench to climb up and find me in the right angle, of course, I abused making photos from all the possible variations.

The wedding photographer must be stubborn and never give up just because the first attempt it did not worked. Resilience. The right word  that must belong to his group of words motivating him, during his work in the wedding day. If we, really, have that dedication with the job we have, we always find the way. That word is with me all the wedding day, with mirrors or not. But, already in the photo choosing, for editing, of this photos I could not fail to notice, in my eyes, that kind of vain smile, for having managed and never giving up. Happily, I must say, that it was not the first time that the wedding photographer has encountered problems and has done everything to find the solutions. It is part of the wedding day process, also.

Bride, with tiara, in a small rounded mirror in the end of the hair dressing.

Photo, when the get ready of the bride, Carla in Reguengos de Monsaraz where the ceremony took place at Igreja Matriz.

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