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Writing a blog about wedding photography, with frequent posts, to the several functions for what the photographer needs the blog, sometimes he has no theme to talk about or, in that day, the words does not come up to illustrate the photos he wants to show. Some of my colleagues say that the wedding photographers serve to photograph weddings and show photographs of the wedding they photographed. Writing belongs to other humans, born with a pen between the fingers already ready for words.

It is a fact, that the subjects can get exhausted and the wedding photographer has the typewriter between the eyes and, after some pages, he does not know what to do with the point of his fingers more used to pick up cameras, lens and press the shutter button in the right moment. I believe that it is another form of writing because photography is writing with light. Maybe that is the reason why, sometimes, we have no more words.

The same way I like words that come easy because even without the daily subject this wedding photographer like, a lot, to write, I love to see that from my other writing, that with light, come out descriptions that will enjoy those who gave me the possibility to be able to offer this, also, narrative. It was like that with João and Mariana.

Bride and groom smiling to each other, viewed through unfocused trees.
Bride between blue and yellow flowers in the wedding day.
Groom between two flowers in the photo session of the wedding day.
Bride and groom walking in the garden in their wedding day.
The newlywed couple in the garden, among flowers, on their wedding day..
Bride and groom between flowers in the garden of the wedding party.

A wedding photos at the garden of Hotel Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos in Paço de Arcos, Oeiras.

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