Photography in the streets of Lisbon


Street photography seems to flourish every day. With the advent of digital photography, people love to join the pleasure of the street walking with the practice with the photographic camera. I never had this habit or pleasure. If I walk and see the sights I can not photograph and if I photograph the pleasure of the walk is lost. Well, nobody is perfect.

However, my wedding photography craft takes me to the streets, and Lisbon is, often, chosen because its own special character has a giver of scapes that are very photo-friendly. Like that, I do not make street photography but photography in the street. Humm!..

Yes, I can find countless times that I used this zone of Lisbon to photograph an elopement session or an after-wedding one, as it was this one. And it is always different. That is why some say the wedding photographer is a very complete photographer. After all, he always uses all the shades of the beautiful photographic craft.

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