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What can tell us that a photo is a photo? For certainty, it is not the simple fact of being a reproduction, inside a camera, of a moment, or a thing, after an adventured travel inside a glass tube, which it is a lens, and lie down in an electronic sensor transforming it in a digital file that another machine will make it visible to expecting eyes.

Most of the time, something that most of my colleagues will refute to the exhaustion, the good luck is the godmother of the committed wedding photographer. I like to say that it is my prankish angel friends. So, look. A couple just about to get married decide to walk from the church and walk down the street that drives them to the place where family and guests expect them with celebration liquids in the hands that the wedding photographer will, gladly, register. Not so much to say about the caption, well done, good use of the forms and the warm color tones of the surroundings, some tridimensionality well done, but…

There it is. Luck or those friends of mine. Suddenly ascending walker turn and look at the couple, that we feel even if unfocus, approving happily what happened in that church before, even if she was not there, and give to the wedding photographer the exact place in the photo for the tridimensionality already noticed. If it was not luck, what it was? Ok. Well, the wedding photographer knew how to do it.

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