Sofia and Ricardo

Smiling both, the groom hugs the bride, who sits on her lap, from behind and with her hands in front of her, near a tree decorated with flower bottles, at Quinta das Riscas, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

The wedding photographer‘s wish is to spend a day photographing a wedding surrounded by party people, always ready for any challenge that leads to fun for everyone there, along with the more institutional side. That happened with Sofia and Ricardo, their family, and their guests at Quinta das Riscas. It was a joy the lack of rest they offered me and all the photographs they gave me.

The photographs I show here should not be seen as a simple way of showing my work. Rather, they should be seen as an intense day for both parties. On the part of the person taking the photographs and on the part of those giving them. A day of intense emotions and joy. I hope you can feel it.