Mariana and João


The bride and groom celebrate with champagne as soon as they sit down at the table for their wedding meal at the Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos Hotel, as seen by their wedding photographer in Lisbon.

We started in the middle of a sunny afternoon in Hotel Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos, Lisbon, almost at the beginning of the ceremony but what happened, after that time, was enough to fill, and well, the card of my photographic cameras. It is an excellent example of how I work and the pleasure I take from that.

However, Mariana and João did not marry to the full fill the needs and the joys of a wedding photographer making them some sort of characters of the day.

Mariana and João did marry that day to be with the people they love and who love them both. That is the important thing and I hope that will be noticed in my photos. That is, really, the important thing.

Fernando Colaço