Photos of the photos in the wedding day


After the boom of the smartphones I find some commentaries in the internet wedding photographers groups about bothersome they feel about the guest photographers that fulfill the weddings nowadays. Today, everybody with a camera inside a phone is a potencial competitor with the contracted photographer.

Of course I do not believe that even one of these competitors will have a story of the day compatible with the professional. Also, I recognize that in some occasions our work can be damaged by a more adventurer smartphone photographer in the front of us for the same spot or just, in the perfect moment, hide from us our subjects, the bride and groom.

However, from what concern to me, I am a great observer of those new ways to photograph. A selfie or the group photo to the guest photographer. And, sometimes, I photograph the photographer doing a…photo. Maybe because when I see them, I feel myself doing the same thing. It is just some respect. Being a photographer in a wedding it is just an observation process and the other photographers belong, also, to the story of the day.

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