Photos on the loose


The enigma. There are some photos that may mislead us in their explanation. What could be the difference between an emotion that we want not to show or just a climate reaction, a bug that bother in the hot afternoon or just a between expression that was catch in the moment of the shutter release and, maybe, be discarded.

Context. That, only the wedding photographer know. He knew the exact moment and what happened in that moment, or better, what just was about to end and give to the photos the reason of their existence, that surpass the chance or consequence outside the event.

That is why I, sometimes, have some doubts showing isolated photos that only are obvious to me. Because I know the context. So, it could be out of reason show them isolated. But well, to those two photos, I tell you that were catch exactly after the wedding ceremony. Well… I think you already guessed. The wedding photographer rest the argue.

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