Portrait and elopement session


All of us know that each photographer try everything he, or she, can to give identity to their work. I will not show examples of that but, to me, the portrait is the base of my work, even if it is done as a wedding photojournalistic approach. Because we follow the action at an event does not mean that we do not find, all day, pieces of that action that, really, are authentic portraits. We just need to be fast to look and fast to photograph because they just vanish at the same  speed that they appears to our eyes. Just glimpses.

Of course the example photos, of the elopement session of Sofia and Ricardo, are not the best example, I know. It just a slightly difference because, here, I like to compose the portrait taking how the couple behaves in the front of and my cameras and lens. Here, I like, with great pleasure, try to find the best tuning between the couple and the environment that we chose for the session, and achieve a nice melting. A good portrait. I think it was done.  The wedding photographer is happy.

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