Praise for the photographer ahead, in a baptism


The expectations about the work of the chosen baptism photographer. One of the things that never let me stay at ease, not because I am a very shy person or do not feel secure with my work, is when someone praises me before the work is done. It is true that those who trust me, are assured by all that work I have been done during my professional life.

This state of mind does not show, from me, some sort of indecision or lack of confidence doing photos in baptisms or in weddings. I only know, by experience, that all the factors that intertwine, change direction, combine in the right moment can not be those for the perfect result. I only want to say that my pleasure to photograph come from those things that I can not control and, exactly because of that, anticipate the result of something, that has not happened yet, let me with that phrase, well, we will see, you are a very nice person.

You may call it responsibility. Maybe I do not like anticipations. Maybe because I know about imponderability. But I also know that I love it. I love to see myself challenged for what I do not even guess for that moment, because it starts to rain, because it is a very hot day because I found one kind of light when I expected other or because the guests come from the left ashen I expected them from the right, etc. That is why, like a wedding, and baptism, photographer, I do not like those anticipated praises.  But, those after the job done and delivered, I told you here several times, I love them because I am a vain wedding photographer. Yes, I am…

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