As a wedding photographer, one of my main interests in creating a website is to be able to show my work to potential clients. However, there are, of course, other things in which visitors may be interested. I will try and sum up the most frequently asked questions so that you may reinforce your opinion on the possibilities of an appointment. 

What is needed to make an appointment? It will be sufficient to send me an e-mail or a phone call (you can check the site’s contact page). We can then arrange a meeting attending to your availability and my schedule. As I know from experience, it is easier to meet after working hours and the meeting may be scheduled for after dinner time. If it is too far away, we can always maintain contact and discuss the matters via e-mail or telephone and I can give you further information which is usually discussed during the meetings.

After the meeting, how much time do you need to give us an answer? It is ideal to answer as fastest as possible so that we may schedule and book the day for you, discarding any other consultations for the same day. However, I don’t need to have an answer immediately. If in the following 15 days, after the first appointment, I have another consultation for the same date, I will inform you and can let me know about your answer.

Your work has a lot of black and white. Why? If I want, is it possible for the whole work to be in color? My work has, indeed, a great percentage of black and white photographs and that is due to three reasons: firstly, I do love it, a lot. Black and white was my initiation when I came to photography, back in the days of film, and I have deep knowledge about the characteristics inherent to a black-and-white photograph. Secondly, for aesthetic reasons.

Being the origins of photography itself, black and white photography is still, nowadays, a result of attention from both photographers and those who find visual and aesthetic pleasure in photography. For instance, in artistic photography exhibits, black and white still dominate and remain as a sort of reference. Thirdly, because, oftentimes, the color itself creates chromatic problems, turning a picture into an unbalanced thing to watch. But, of course, if you like the work to be fully colored, there is no problem at all.

How are your work processes during the wedding day? A few days before the date I shall contact the couple to define schedules, to know when and where the bride is going to be getting ready (hairdressing and makeup), at what time she will get dressed, and calculate the distance between the groom’s and the bride’s houses. After all, this is settled, I will make my way through the day according to your schedules. Since I like to photograph early, from the processes of hair and makeup, I will always try to make it happen and arrange a schedule with the groom for it to be possible. Then I will just follow the motion of the day until it’s over.

You say your method is wedding photojournalism, so don’t you take more formal pictures? My working method goes after the coverage of the wedding day without interfering in the process. But this process stands for everything during the day as if the photographer wasn’t there. And that’s how I act: work as hard as possible as if I wasn’t there so that everything becomes more genuine. However, there are moments, during a wedding, when the photographer needs to be with the couple and their guests, when a specific photograph is asked for remembrance, etc.

After the wedding, how long until you deliver the work? Having my working process, knowing that clients always have a great curiosity in seeing the final results, and given normal conditions, I will deliver the work results in two months. “Normal conditions” since there may, sometimes, occur certain little things that could delay the process: the grooms may take a little more time to approve the Album, problems in the laboratory, etc. But little often is this term altered.

What are your prices? There is the price for the cover itself and, also, the price of the albums that depend on the size and pages. However, I can say that I have an excellent ratio between the quality of my work and the prices I practice. Just contact me and I will send them to you.