Reaction in wedding photography


Please, do not think that the wedding photographer can photograph all the moments during the wedding day. It is not a great phrase from seller, but is honest. I wish. There are lot of things that made this happens and, also, the opposite. Sometimes I feel some annoying devils or prankish angels working together to find all the things that can failure a good photo in the exact time it should be done. That annoy, very much, this wedding photographer.

But, luckily, most of the time, this not happen and the annoying devils are ruining another wedding photographer and mischievous angels like me. And, when a practical impossible photo was achieved the ego blow up, wedding photographers are vain people, as if was everything done by us. That is why I talk about the little angels which help me very much all the time. It was the instance of these photo, where everything was against the hardworking wedding photographer: it was raining, the kiss was a glimpse, the car had very dark windows with outside reflections and the nervous system of the photographer tend to panic in situations like that. But it worked. Examples like this make the wedding photographer, always, wanting come back for more.

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