Rings and others


The wedding day need some point of view and everything that involves it is used as an instrument, as a photography accessory. I recognize, decidedly, that some parts are not my strong side in the cover of the day. People are, without any question, the main source of attention of this wedding photographer. I recognize, with some humility, that sometimes it is like a side way that, after lots of faces and photographic stories, I suddenly need to remember the dress, flowers, shoes, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches…well, you know.

And I come back, fast as I can, to the groups, to the mothers tightening dresses with cousins, aunts and granny helping, to those lurking at the semi open doors that the wedding photographer follow as if he was a ocasional walker that, in a glimpse, takes advantage of his camera in shoulder.

With sincerity, I tell you that if those objects are the main importance of the cover of your wedding, I am not your choice. I do it, yes I do. But if all other characters of the day it is what matter to you, I give it all. I am, in fact, your wedding photographer.

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