Spaces with light for photographers during a wedding


The wedding ceremony in open spaces, venues, and other appropriate places, deliver some difficulties to the wedding photographer that he does not find in churches. The light. The famous light that all the experts in photography so much talk about, write and, oftentimes, they proud when they find it perfect and enjoy it as if it was a culinary delicacy.

The big problem in these places, where the ceremony takes place, is the difficult conciliation between the aesthetic and the direction of the light at the time of the ceremony. To the wedding photographers that are some guys with opposite feelings when concerned to the only element that, without, it was impossible to work. Or they love it passionately or they hate it. But, because they are great professionals they find ways with the help of some engineers that made wonders inside their cameras.

In the end, the important is to tell the story in photos that attract learning eyes. As a wedding photographer, I never stop learning how to find solutions to make me happy and, especially, to my clients.

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