Speech time in the wedding


Just some photos to show moments that produce dozens. I do not even know if they are the best I have done about those moments or if they show best that particular part of the wedding day. The wedding photographer just saw and picked them to show what it is his feeling about that.

When the speeches, the authors are not those who have best attention of the wedding photographer. But who listen, yes. Someone paying attention, the satisfaction about the words from others, the feel of the affection in the eyes of that one or the big laugh with the joke.

I declare here that it is one of the moments of the day that I like to photograph and as a dragonfly flowing between tables finding smiles, looks and bonds that we feel in that time to speak words. I declare that this wedding photographer never loose these happenings to delight himself, as if they were candies in table for sweet-tooth. And does not fat…

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