Speeches at the wedding


I like very much to photograph speeches at the wedding party. Sadly to my peek photographic side the habit of the speech at weddings does not exist too much in Portugal. So, when this happens I profit everything I can.

But for my curious cameras finding laughter fanatics, bulging eyes, furtive tears, and astonished faces, it is not the speaker that put them around floating between guests, looking for those moments that are the reason why they are in this place. Even if the speech is the most eloquent it is the listener that my cameras look around.

Because agree, because is amazed at the news, because become emotional with the remember, because kick himself laughing at the discovery or simply because listen with all that serenity in the face, just waiting for my lens that brings to the future those, always, those very emotional moments. With these speech moments, the wedding photographer never comes home with empty hands.

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