Speed and wedding photography


Sometimes I would like to have more time to think some photos that appear to me, during the day and in the several spaces of the wedding. But the speed of the action, most of the time, compel the wedding photographer to be fast and effective in the relation to look, think and perform. Which is a great challenge.

I already wrote it here, several times, that the portrait fulfill a very special place in my pleasure about photography. Even in that situations offered to the wedding photographer as pieces of actions, that do not want to stop, are used by me as a complex portrait with all the movement in an unstoppable day.

So, being able to have, at least, a little time to a deep breathe, clearing the mind, analyzing the surroundings and find the right lens to the best composition exercise it is a pleasure that the wedding photographer does not let pass and not every time he can have that luxury. Neither do I.

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