Still, another wedding photographies


Two moments from the same wedding. The first one is a formal wedding photo from the groom, once ready, photographed at a dark background,  using the chiaroscuro method used since the renaissance by the painters, which allowed the light direct our eyes to the place we want, here Diogo face very well dressed with his sailor outfit. We have, even if with little detail, the background that shows us where the photo was taken. First, we look at Diogo’s face and only after the other elements. As it should be.

In the second photo, we have Sónia at the moment she entered the car, after the ceremony and on the going to the celebration place. Here there was no absolute control from the photographer. Instead of the formal aspect of the groom, we have a glowing smile bride to everybody but not the wedding photographer. In the same way, some technics are used: a point of view through the car structure, it was used a lens that unfocuses everything but the bride, the unfocused parts of the car built a succession of horizontal and vertical elements to frame the face and give this powerful view.

During all day the wedding photographer will find countless situations, which he must decide in real-time. Those photos are, at the end and with all, the story of the day. With pleasure.

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