Style and wedding photography


I do not feel in the movement that uses, as a reference of the photographic work, the vintage. Name I bit confusing in the concept and the appointment. Vintage is every style reference that backs us in time and to some specific way of doing that reference in that special time. So, in photography, we can have the number of vintages as the times we want to reference.

But I know I have an image that, no doubt, chases me, even if I do not think about that. Maybe because when I was a kid, and where I lived with my parents, the black and white television was the only thing that brought to me the better idea of cinema. Also, the films broadcasted, maybe because they were cheap to the tv channel, it was those from the distant ’30s and ’40s of the 20 century and they left some mark in my brain, maybe, not letting me to escape that memory.

As a wedding photographer, I may find, there, a strong reason for my attraction to black and white photography. Of course, I can find other reasons, photographers’ influence, like magazines but if I think a bit more about that naive and primordial seed in my mind I, gladly, choose those little black and white screens. As a photographer, of weddings, I do not care about a bit. Yeah….

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