The newlywed couple walk up the hill at Quinta dos Pézinhos on the Tagus under golden light.

Sun set photos with the couple


The newlywed couple walk up the hill at Quinta dos Pézinhos on the Tagus under golden light.

Those minutes before the sunset, and those just after, deliver to me an irresistible attraction, as a wedding photographer, and with the approaching of that moment some euphoria, and uneasiness, take care of me because the profit of that magic moment does not always depend on me,  and it is only at the appointed moment that I know if I can use and catch that orange light and all the mid-tones that only happens at that hour.

Euphoria because it is, for me, the right moment to photograph the couple. It is, we may say, my brand touch of the couple session. Seeing the clock fast glide to the end of the evening but the couple still needs to toast, because the meal still is on, the groom’s aunt, unseen for several years, finds the moment for a nice talk, the bride needs to settle the dress, already needing some touch, or tones of small delays that, like a black hole, speed the time and seems do not let me time to do the idealized photos with the couple in time in that orange afternoon with all those beloved mid-tones. So, here it is that uneasiness.

Well, in the end, everything seems to be on time because the time we have last, the small light remaining, and the set we chose, for the session, seem to be fulfilled by some elasticity, enough to accomplish the humble wish of this wedding photographer. Just photograph….with orange tones.

With the golden light of the sunset, the groom and the bride.
Bride leaning against her husband's back, in a late afternoon at Quinta dos Pézinhos on the Tagus.
Bride and groom wrapped in blurred plants, in black and white.

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