Surprises at the wedding


There are many ways to approach a photographic subject. That is what made each photographer with a singular view, in the way he shows the world that he tries to represent in photos. However that is not the subject today.

One of the things that make me so much pleasure, when I photograph a wedding is to spot on each scene the angle of view, the right choice of the lens and the moment to trigger the camera. That is what make a photo more than just one simple caption of the moment.

However there another kind of approach that make me rejoice sometimes because the high degree of imprevisibility. I am talking about those happenings so fast that we do not have even time to react with the elements necessary  to provide a great photo, the light conditions with unfriendly behavior from the cameras or those moments when the right time to shoot is essencial to have a great photo or just send them to the bucket trash of the computer with no fame or glory. When I find one of that I love it so much because they make smiling the photographer curious eyes.

I believe that is one of them.

Texto e fotos: Fernando Colaço


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