Surprises for the photographer, in the wedding at Quinta da Cheinha


The wedding is a small universe where the presents, like the stars and the planets and the galaxies and all the other phenomena we love to see from the Hubble pictures, does not stop translating between them and they do not stop composing photos to offer to the wedding photographer, in the field. He just needs to be always looking for.

However, the same way Hubble is incapable to see the all universe at the same time, for a unique and global photo, to the wedding photographer there are happenings that never will happen inside their cameras, to accomplish a complete puzzle of the wedding day. But it is like it is and does not worth paralyzing because some things always will go away. It is important to take advantage of what we can see and catch in time, like everything in life.

It was like that with this photo. The wedding photographer was in the other side of the galaxy, entertained with a group of stars, when, with his, always, curious radar eyes, he detected, in the other side of the universe, a groom, on his knees, for the amusement of the moons of the bride, between the gladness and the surprise.  What is important, for the photographer, is that he is equipped with technology faster than Star Trek Enterprise, and, in a glimpse, he was at the top of the moment. Just like that.

Groom in his knees holding hands with the bride, surrounded by a group of female guests of the wedding.

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