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Looking around for photos

STORYTELLERS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There are a lot of things that I like to observe in a wedding day. But one, in particular, appeal my eyes and bring my cameras to them. When arriving to the venue, where the party will be party, the guests form groups for several reasons. Because they know each… Read more »

Speech time in the wedding

SPEECHES  and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Just some photos to show moments that produce dozens. I do not even know if they are the best I have done about those moments or if they show best that particular part of the wedding day. The wedding photographer just saw and picked them to show what it is… Read more »

Photography things…

LUCK and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY What can tell us that a photo is a photo. For certainty it is not the simple fact of being a reproduction, inside a camera, of a moment, or a thing, after a adventured travel inside a glass tube, which it is a lens, and lie down in a electronic… Read more »

Wedding day in Sintra

A WEDDING, REALLY, INSIDE THE VILLAGE OF SINTRA I  can count some amount of weddings that I photographed in Sintra as a place chosen by the bride and groom. But it has been or the ceremony or the party. This time, Ulrica and João did chose Sintra for the ceremony the Church of Santa Maria… Read more »

The moments of the bride

THE FUN OF THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER If you thing that the bride and groom are always smiling during the wedding day, do not. It is an illusion. Hopping photos, from them, always with lips at U shape it is not doing very well our job and not paying attention or the wedding photographer is giving… Read more »