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The photographer without rest, at weddings

IRREPETIBLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When I started photographing weddings and decided that was the new path for my photographer profession, I asked myself a question, because I know me. Do I will have the patience for doing every the same thing, after some time? This thing of the weddings is always the same… Read more »

The photographer, form and content at the wedding

FANTASIES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I must say that one of the pleasures I have, as wedding photographer, when shooting allow me to change, with the use of my lens, the visual sensation from what I am capturing but, at the same time, does not alter the truth of what is happening. My training,… Read more »

The photographer before departure, for the wedding ceremony

ALMOST THERE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers watch those moments of it is time to go now, just wait a little bit, the car is already there, just one more photo, let me retouch the lips. It seems that this final moments have a glue that do not let go, and with… Read more »

Details in preparation for the wedding, by the photographer

MOTHER LITTLE THINGS by the EVORA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Mirror, bride and mother. The wedding photographer could not expect better subject. Several times, in the moments the bride is being prepared for her great day, I found myself as a wind vane, or as they call it in my home town, like crazy chicken, not knowing… Read more »

Only three photos, to a wedding day at Quinta da Ramila

RESUME by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Coming to that small talk, between wedding photographers, about how many photos are needed, to tell the story of the wedding day, I made myself to choose only three photos, from the bride side, to remind me that day. To me, the wedding photographer there, in the wedding. Because… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and sisters, in the wedding day near Guarda

LAST DETAILS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER After all this time, as wedding photographer, I still do not understand the reason why, even after the bride is finished as ready to go for the ceremony of the wedding, someone come to the front and find some detail that need to be arranged and, without that… Read more »