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The photographer’s view on a wedding day in Algarve

THE GREAT DOUBT by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I have a a great doubt living with me since I photograph weddings, the most powerful experience I had photographing people in groups. Before that, my experience with camera, photos and lens was with unanimated things, without animus, but with a lot of personality because they needed… Read more »

Guests like photography, on a wedding day in Algarve

THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Not always the wedding photographers choose the couple as their main subject to photograph. Well, it is because of them that they are there, in the wedding, they contract them, but it was the couple that invited, also, all that people doing those things that appeal… Read more »

Changing with the photographer, in the wedding ceremony

FROM HERE by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Being part of the group of wedding photographers takes me, not only registering, also, witnessing a day in the lives of others. And we have this days, with so much to change that they deserve to be well registered. There are moments in our lives that have the… Read more »

Wedding under the orange light and the photographer take advantage

COUPLES by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The photographic session with the couple is one the parts of the day that I like the most.  It was the reason why I decided to come to wedding photography. Since I felt that pleasure with a photographic camera tenderly in my hands, photographing people was my main subject. It… Read more »

The tunnel of love at weddings

IN GLORY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The triumphal passage. It could be the new name of the corridor made by the guests to celebrate the couple after the ceremony. After the institutional formalities, where the couple join together in the union ritual, symbolic and real, they walk that inner street acclaimed  by the presents and,… Read more »

Speeches at the wedding

OTHER PEOPLE EMOTIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I like very much to photograph speeches at the wedding party. Sadly to my peek  photographic side the habit of the speech at weddings does not exist too much in Portugal. So, when this happen I profit everything I can. But for my curious cameras finding laughter fanatics,… Read more »