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The photographer and the surrounds of the session before the wedding

A WALK BETWEEN RUINS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Often, when I combine, with a couple, the session before the wedding, usually called elopement session, I think about all the places but those near my house. It seems that popular saying that says in the blacksmith’s house, a wooden skewer. Really, I confess that I… Read more »

Portrait and elopement session

PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY All of us know that each photographer try everything he, or she, can to give identity to their work. I will not show examples of that but, to me, the portrait is the base of my work, even if it is done as a wedding photojournalistic approach. Because we… Read more »

Elopement session at Gulbenkian gardens in Lisbon

FAST PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION Gulbenkian gardens, middle July at the end of the day, photography time. Arriving from Singapura, where they are studying, almost directly we, at last, meet each other and start our engagement session. Several years passed  away since the last time I was in that garden  in a complete different thing that is… Read more »