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The photographer and single women waiting for the bouquet at the wedding day

WHO WANTS TO JUMP by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding photographers have the habit of dividing the wedding day in parts. Maybe because this help them to organize their work, on my part I have, in other posts, once in a while written about the ritual moments that make part of the wedding day. We… Read more »

The beat of the photographer, with the rhythm of the dance floor, in a wedding

HOW EASY IT IS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  In the party, everybody feast. The place to dance, in the urban nights, are too much mono generational. When we enter only see springlike under the sound of the woofers beating the beat they love so much to free bodies and minds.  But, in a wedding, that… Read more »

Last moments seen by the photographer before the wedding aisle

THE BRIDE, LAST CHECKING and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Last verifications before leaving to the most important moment of the day. Those moments, usually, have some introspection glimpses, some serenity after the confusion of the get ready and some inner toughs before the walk to the altar where special speeches, institucional ceremonies end into a yes… Read more »

The photos from others in the wedding day

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS and THE GUESTS PHOTOS An impression. I already wrote here that I understand a photo as an impression from something that happened or was. Sometimes those impressions, even if secondaries, may transform that happening in something with great visual interest. With the smartphones phenomenon once in a while I see someone preparing… Read more »