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Bride and groom, characters and the photographer in the wedding day

LET´S GO AND IMAGINE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Characters. That is how I like to bring to photograph the couple in the wedding day. Because each one, or just one of them, like to live some role or because the wedding photographer, after the time we spent together, in his imagination, give them a role… Read more »

The moment in the wedding photography

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER and THE MOMENT Those moments. Maybe the most used word when wedding photographers talk whith each other in those compliments about the work of the colleagues that they, also, chase during the all working day in a wedding. The moment. That point in the space and time, unrepeatable, that happen with the… Read more »

The place of the photographer in the cut of the cake and the end of the wedding party

SHARING THE CAKE  and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Some years ago, in the begin as wedding photographer, I saw, with some interest, a television serie about two Italian wedding planners. As a beginner, I learn with them about the protocols, the symbolic and casual moments of the wedding day. My first learn was about the bride… Read more »

Context and wedding photography

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHY Enjoy the context. When photographing the couple, the wedding photographer have, at least in the way I see it, the only opportunity of the day to be, completely, autonomous in the decisions because he is not subject to the flow of the action, which all the day is imbued. Here he… Read more »

How the photographer notice the bride and groom entering in the dining room at the wedding

TROUGH THE GUESTS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Even if it is one of the moments of the day that need some mis en scene, the entering in the meal room,  by the bride and the groom, the movement combination ends in the moment they start to feel the energy when the people, in the room… Read more »

A wedding at Casa de Reguengos

JAZZ AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY I was listening Miles Davis Sanctury, from  Bitches Brew album, and I found a relationship between  what I do, wedding photography, and this theme. Maybe a bit entwined if some jazz purist read this but wedding photographic cover does not stay very far from a theme played by ears and fingers… Read more »