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The photographer with the emotions as gestures, at weddings

ONCE MORE, THE GESTURES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Yes, again. Because they deserve it. Because they are main characters of the moments that wedding photographers love so much and propel them to those starts, as if they were Olympic athletes, when, in the other side of the room, they detect one of those. Because… Read more »

The photographer, smiles and happiness at a wedding

NOW, IT IS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There is nothing better, for the wedding photographer, like seeing those smiles after the yes approved by the priest. It is the time for his right eye never left the viewfinder of his camera, in any circumstances, because he can not loose any photo that happens in… Read more »

At the entrance to the wedding in the Church, by the photographer

Also the wedding photographers take advantage of the half a dozen photographic clichés that exist since photography was born. The sunset with palm trees, a group of leafless trees with sun over them, the old wall with a wooden gate already eaten by time, the blue cracked enamel plate with the door number, etc. One… Read more »

The photographer and the surprises, on a wedding at Nazaré

ME, ME by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There are some things that the wedding photographers can not control. Sometimes, some scheduled event in time, observed and prepared by someone with the obligation of catching those events in photographies, can not happened and, other times, some unexpected happens and transform that moment in something special. I… Read more »

Others who photograph, at the wedding, as the photographer’s attention

HIGHLIGHTS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Since the photography was born, the fastness it gets to the eyes, always has been a great interest from those who practice it and those who see it. Sometimes, the brand of the inventor replace the real name of the product or the action. Even today we find countries… Read more »

The photographer, changing moments and a wedding ceremony in Cascais

THE TENSION UNTIL THE YES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Every wedding photographers know that after the entrance of the bride and groom in the church, or even in the civil ceremony, and when they seat themselves in the front of the officiant they may stay, in some way, alone. If you think them with… Read more »