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In dance with the photographer, at a wedding

RYTHM by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Wedding photographers and wedding parties are something that were made for each other. There is part of the wedding day that can be very different from wedding to wedding. Despiste all these years photographing weddings, I can not understand the reason about all this difference. If, by statistic, we can… Read more »

The photographer attentive to what children do at weddings

INEVITABLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I think the wedding photographers must have some principles that give them the notion for what they can photograph, or not. I have, as a principle, to use the less possible the photos, I have done, with children, here in the blog. But, as everything in life, sometimes, some… Read more »

The photographer with those who make the wedding day, at the Adega Regional de Colares

OVER THERE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Or how the wedding photographers are attracted to the attractions between others. Like that, over there. One of the things I like very much when I am photographing a wedding, it is, simply, wandering over there, with any special commitment and observe all that fabric that goes on… Read more »

The photographer, the couple and those who wrap them, on their wedding

SURROUNDED by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Well, it is a statement the wedding photographers knows and that should not need to be noticed but, in the wedding day, the wedding couple is never alone. With them, around them, waiting for them or talking about them, the guests assure them that, even when they go away… Read more »

The photographer and the attention of those who are there, at the wedding

VERY FOCUSED by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When photographer, during the day of the wedding, I can find some sort of behavior that is common from everybody being part of it. Be it from the hairdresser with the hair of the bride, the father tuning the tie of his son, the mother verifying if everything… Read more »

The photographer, the lenses and all things at the wedding

FROM FAR AND NEAR by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I remember, far way of thinking to be wedding photographer, the time when I started to be interested in photography, so many years ago. At first it was not so much photographic attachment, it was only, as it happens with the majority of the persons that… Read more »

The photographer with the artists, at the wedding show

THE ARTISTS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Maybe, one thing that attract the wedding photographers is the feel that the wedding day is very similar with a spectacle. In some sort, we can find on the wedding the artists, the stage directors, the public and the technicians that are part of every show. Of course… Read more »

The photographer in the whirlwind of the wedding party

THIS IS PARTY by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER While the wedding photographer, the groom and the bride were entertained to compose some photos, that will allow them remember for a long time, and as if continuing the end of the last post, we enter, again, in the party that never stoped to be. If you… Read more »