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The photographer and the bride’s small arrangements, at the wedding

ARE YOU SURE? by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Probably it is only an opinion of the wedding photographers who have a very limited notion of the wedding to what interests them: photographing. So, there is no doubt that the bride have a completely different importance in the get ready than the groom. Not because the… Read more »

The photographer and who take care the bride, on a wedding at Penha Longa Resort

THEY AND THEY by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It is not worth wanting to have another opinion. The bride is the center of the wedding day. The groom has is roll, but he can not compete with the bride. She is the princess, the queen that fulfill all the empty spaces. However, the glamorous presence grows… Read more »

The other photographers around the wedding

MY COLLEAGUES AGAIN  by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  If this was the beginning of a tale, it may start like this: once upon a time when someone need to remember the best of his wedding day revisited the photos of the wedding photographer, contracted for that. In the wedding, the photographer had the responsibility to assure… Read more »

Where to the photographer is not enough to be fast after the wedding ceremony

THE ATTRACTION FOR THE FACE EXPRESSIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  If there are moments, in the wedding day process, where the wedding photographers are completely dependent of the spontaneity it is when, since the wedding ceremony come to the end, the couple receive those hugs and kisses I am very happy for you from the… Read more »

Spaces with light for photographers during a wedding

LIGHT AND THE LACK OF IT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding ceremony in open spaces, venues and other appropriate places, deliver some difficulties to the wedding photographer that he do not find in churches. The light. The famous light that all the experts in photography so much talk about, write and, oftentimes, they proud… Read more »