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With love, light and fire the photographer follow the bride and groom to the wedding cake

THE TUNNEL OF LOVE, WITH FIRE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Light, fire and life. If the cut of the cake is the last offer from the bride and groom to their guests, they repay with gestures that simbolize their presence by choice and because the love for them. Nothing more symbolic than lighting with light,… Read more »

The photographer at the end of the wedding party

AND NOW…LET´S GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  After everything, here comes the dance. In that floor that was waiting for everybody with excitation, as everybody knows, it is the first dance of the couple, with a wedding photographer around, that opens the real party with DJ serving that dance music until the last of the… Read more »

Moments in photography, again

TIME and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Impression. That is what a photo is. It seems that it is but it is not. But it has, as a wedding photo, the obligation to impress all those that will see that impression which is a photograph. Other obligation, of that impression as a photo, is to bring to… Read more »

Watching and photography

DISCRETE CHARACTERS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Concentration and attention are those things that appeal me to photograph, as if some magnet push me to the people that, in the wedding day, once in a while stay out of the fun part of the day. When I see wedding photos, from other colleagues, I notice that… Read more »

Sun set photos with the couple

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ATRACCTION WITH THE SUN SET Those minutes before the sun set, and those just after, deliver to me an irresistible attraction, as wedding photographer, and with the approaching of that moment  some euphoria, and an uneasy, take care of me because the profit of that magic moment does not always depend of… Read more »

The photographer feelings

THE YES and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Without a doubt that everything done until now will flow to this moment. It is the apex of the angle. It is the first tempo of the play about the life of two persons that point to the yes and the rings sealing that endeavor. The second tempo start… Read more »

Entertaining the bride

BRIDE SATELLITES and  THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Being, at the same time, mother, aunt and bride and one that bring with her all the chicks, that never stop to be around, it is a very good call for the wedding photographer that does not like just to be there, waiting for something once in a while…. Read more »

There is always another photo

OTHER CHARACTERS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Or, just watching. That could be the name of this photo. Daughter  and mother, or better, granddaughter and grandma or, confused? …The mother of the groom and the daughter of the groom observe him get ready, for the great day and they can not stay out of the story…. Read more »

The laughter of the bride

LAUGH  AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding day is full of emotions. I know that it is a common expression from someone who write to persuade the importance of their work in the catch of those emotions, for the future memory. But it is the truth. After all the years I do that I reaffirm… Read more »